Where Everybody Is Somebody!

                     Pastor Barry Russel Kelso


                    Faith Clinic Ministries International

                              197 Triune Mill Street             

                              Thomaston Ga 30286

                                     (706) 975-4333

                Come and Worship With Us!!!!! 

         Call 706-741-4973 for Transportation 

    Childrens Bible Study  9:30 Every Sunday   

                                                              "Now Faith" 

1. Faith Acts on the Word NOW.

2. Faith is never in the FUTURE.

3. If it is not Now, It is Not Faith.

4. Faith gives Substance. 

5. Faith brings the things we hope for into NOW reality.

6. Faith is evidence of things not seen.

7. God's Word is Faith's evidence.

8. All that Faith needs to know is what God has spoken.

9. Faith asks for no evidence other than the written Word of God.



 STOP tring to figure out everything and let go and let God. Our prayer for you is that you come to the Throne of Grace and receive that which God has for you.  " Bretheren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved." ROMANS 10.1
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